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Charlie's Angels, not quite.

We thought it might be a good idea to supplement our advertising with a group photo but things went a little off course.

So, lured by the prospect of lunch at The Lobster Pot by Portland Bill, we got together for what ought to have been a quite simple group photo. However, things didn't go quite to plan. I had remembered the camera and the tripod so that we could shoot remotely without requiring outside help, only I had forgotten the gizmo that sits on top of the camera to allow its remote operation.

We had to resort to using the camera's self-timer, setting up the picture and then galloping into shot and trying to smile and keep our eyes open until it fired. This is easier said than done as we appear to have a knack for either pulling a face, laughing or blinking when the shutter clicks. We had many attempts and laughed more and more, much to the amusement of ourselves and the dozens of picnicking spectators. In the end we gave up and instead tried to form the outline of the original Charlie's Angels. After some arguing over who should be Farrah Fawcett this is what we came up with.

It is clear that we are better counsellors than we are glamour models moonlighting as private investigators for a mystery billionaire. If you would like us to stick to what we are good at, helping you change your lives for the better, please give us a call. If, when you contact us, you mention that you won't remind us about this picture, there is a 10% discount off the cost of your sessions.

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