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Do we really all have millennial burnout?

The BBC recently has been exploring a phenomena it has called Millennial Burnout and today has run an article with reader's contributions of their own experiences entitled "We all have Millennial Burnout". In essence they are suggesting that the pressures of life for those in their twenties and thirties have put unusual stress on people's mental health.

I would argue that whilst previous generations may not have experienced pressures such as social media, the predominant features of life for people of these ages are leaving education, having to support themselves, finding fulfilling work, finding rewarding relationships, contemplating car-loans, mortgages or rents, and of course whether or not to have children, raising children and all the additional stresses and rewards they bring.

Exacerbating these issues since the banking crash of 2008 has been increasing uncertainty over our employment and economic futures, whilst the Brexit vote in 2016 has led many to feel afraid that rough seas lie ahead.

We at Bay Therapy Counselling do not have the power to change the pressures inherent to this stage of life. We can though help you deal with stress, worry and anxiety, and teach you the skills required to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Give us a call and extinguish Millennial Burnout.

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