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Online Counselling

We are based in Dorset but, wherever you are, we are able to offer online counselling. During the Covid pandemic this has proved to be a great way of offering a safe and effective service to clients nationwide.

We use the platform for online sessions as it doesn't require clients to download anything in advance. It does though need you to have access to hardware with a webcam and microphone. Smartphones, tablets and almost all laptops/notebooks have these built in. PC's may require you to have a separate webcam and microphone attached. If you can make a video call, you can use

Whilst we cannot offer technical support for this service, we are aware that some Anti-Virus software is, by default, set to block use of webcams in internet browsers, BitDefender for one. If you access the 'test' and don't see yourself displayed, this is an issue to consider. If you are affected by this, you may need to temporarily disable this blocking in order to use this service. Alternatively, contact us and we may be able to arrange a session using Zoom.

We each have an online waiting room which you can access at any time to test that your hardware is working correctly. We do not monitor the waiting rooms so will not be there to invite you into a session unless we have made an appointment to do so. When you arrive in our virtual waiting room, click the 'test' button to see if everything is working.

Use the forms below to make an appointment for online counselling with Helen or Ian and/or click the badges below to access our virtual waiting rooms and check your hardware is set up correctly.

Thanks! Message sent.

Thanks! Message sent.

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