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Loneliness can become a trap

You may have seen the results of the BBC Loneliness Survey. they make interesting reading. I was struck by three of the findings in particular. Firstly that one third of participants reported that they feel lonely often or very often. Secondly, that people feel ashamed of loneliness and seek to conceal it. Thirdly, that people who feel lonely have on average lower levels of trust in others.

It seems to me that this can be a recipe for becoming stuck. You feel lonely, you find it hard to share this feeling with others, and although the survey reported that people are generally receptive and sympathetic to those who feel lonely, you find it hard to trust other people. This may lead to a sense of feeling disconnected from the world and those around you, of feeling left out, unhappy and of not being understood.

It is easy to say "talk to a friend" or "join a group", but if you are lonely or experience social anxiety these can feel like impossible challenges. If you experience any of these issues and would like support, understanding and help to change things for the better, contact any of us here at Bay Therapy and Counselling. We'll work with you to find a better way.

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